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About this section

This website began as a pure product review site.
We found a large, increasing, and interesting range of holistic products available both on, and off, the internet.

Although we enjoyed discovering, testing, and reviewing new products the cost of acquiring them increased so much that for a while we also used some semi-automatic systems to find and mention a wider range of products including many not tested by us. In those cases it was made clear that the items were listings rather than reviews. However as time passed the items featured in some lists seemed a bit less "special", e.g. not so many beatifully crafted items, pure organic goods, and ingenious uses of modern technologies to enhance well being. Eventually we discontinued use of many types of lists. Perhaps we'll find some good ones again in the future.

Some products are still featured (see the list on the left).
In many cases they are described by photographs or other images rather than by text descriptions.


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